• how to put your name on the time of your task bar

just follow the below steps.
1)s60 phone
3)Python module pack
4)Python script shell
6)Hex editor
7)Hex editor
8)fresh operamini
U can also mod sis apps but we will do dat of jar 4 now. U can use my jarBOOM as an example.
Search and download xplore at sharemobile. The go to menu, tools configuration. Then mark 4rm show hidden files to show system files.
Keep any jar app u want to modify precisely, operamini 4.2. Then make sure u can locate it wit ur xplore.
Create a new folder in ur xplore by clickin on menu, then click on make direct. Then give the folder a name. Or just press 9 to create folder.
Click once on the jar file u want to modify then go to menu, extract to..
Then extract it to the folder have created…
Go to where u have extracted ur files u will see META-INF folder.ins!de it u will see the MANIFEST.MF file, and Thats what contains the midlet name, dercription etc.
To open it just press on it, then u will see every details contained in it.
To edit it u can use notepad on ur pc to edit it. Note dat u cant use note pad to edit class files. Only the MANIFEST.MF which is in the META-INF folder and some other files.
U can use ur phone hex editor to edit it also.
U can use ur xplore to edit it also and dats what we will use 4 dis TUT.
To edit wit xplore just press 3 on the MANIFEST.MF file then it will display its hex and character values. On the right is the character values, on the left is its hex values in numbers. Pls don’t touch the hex values.

Just go to menu, Edit then press menu again, the click Edit chars, or just press ur call or send key.
By now its in replace mode, thats u can replace the characters 1 by 1.
Go to menu, insert mode to put it in insert mode.
After that, u will notice that, its in capital letters and maybe u can’t change it to small letters. If ur own has that problem, just go to menu, find chars, then put M or any other letter u want to find,then press ok.
It will find the letter and change to small letter.
Start editing,
scroll down and look for Midlet name
study it carefully u will notice that after the midlet name there is two dots without space. Eg
Midlet-Name: Operamini4.2..Microedition…bla,blah
operamini4.2 is the midlet name and there is two dot after it b4 the next character which is Microedition…etc
U can now insert ur name there. Eg
Midlet-Name: Operamini4.2 by ifyeez..Microedition…etc
Microedition musnt be the next character, but u must know that there is always 2 dot after the midlet name and without space b4 the next character.
Its already there, u are not the 1 to put it so dont make mistake by removing the dot or giving space.
Scrol down again and lool for Midlet-1:
u will see Midlet-1: Operamini4.2,/
U can insert ur name there to look like this.
Midlet-1: Operamini4.2 by ifyeez,/
This is the name that appears when u launch ur operamini.
U can look 4 Midlet description and put ur name there and others like Midlet vendor and midlet info url, But they are not important.
If u want to put the words that appear when u want to delete or remove the app 4rm ur phone..
Scrol down, then after the last word, just type two .(dots), if there are already dots, and they are more than two, delete some to make it two, then type:
MIDLET-Delete-Confirm: Operamini4.2 mod by ifyeez…bla..bla
To change screen resolution
follow same method, then type the original size
Nokia-MIDlet-Original-Display-Size: 252,416
then type the size u want. remember to press two dots
Nokia-MIDlet-Target-Display-Size: 240,320
To insert ur picture as icon in opera mini. Search and download image resizer at sharemobile
then open it and use it to open ur image, by clicking on it, then select custom and change it to 30¤50 or any smaller size
Then use xplore to rename it to
then press menu,edit then copy the image to the folder that contain the 4.2 u ar editting, it will ask u to overwright, select yes.
U can use pc ‘pngout’ to convert ur pic to png or u can do it online.
It is better to use png image to avoid “hanging”
just click back when u are tru, it will ask u to save changes, then select yes.
Its now time to pack ur editted operamini, to know if it worked.
Open ur jarboom, go to options,options, then select pack,

u will see E:pythonjarBOOMjar
Erase pythonjarBOOMjar leaving only E:
then put the name of the folder where u extracted the opera. Eg
then ok, it will then show E:pythonjarBOOMjarBOOM.jar
erase pythonjarBOOMjarBOOM.jar
then put the name u want to give the opera, eg
operamini4.2 by ifyeez.jar
it will then be like this E:operamini4.2 by ifyeez.jar
then click ok to pack. Then wait till it says file packed.
If u extracted the folder to phone then on the first part use C:
After packing, open ur xplore and look 4 the file then select menu,file,open by system, then it will install.
U can easily edit the server of fresh operamini that is not handler or editable by using xplore..
Just open the a.class, then click menu, find chars then type http://server4.operamini.com:80/
using replace mode just replace it wit the network homepage u want to use. Eg http://wap.mtnonline.com/
“http://server4.operamini.com:80/” is 32 characters after typing http://wap.mtnonline.com/ which is 25 characters, use space to complete the remaining 7 characters.
U ar good to go. Pack ur app and Use wit any workin opera server ip.
When searching wit xplore u can look 4 next by going to menu, then click find next or just press 3.
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