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If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It

If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It‘

If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It: Basil, take the eraser and clean that past off, but if the pencil shape, still shows the text, then get a new plain sheet and start writing all-over again’, said my mentor on the other side of the phone, few minutes after he had been told I attempted to commit suicide, due to my inability to figure out life after being a graduate in a country like Nigeria.

If My Life Was A Blank Canvas

Seeing this title, I decided to take a go and express my inner thoughts of a realistic, common and achievable blueprint of my desired life. Not so I can secure an approval to get a job.

Truly, I have been given the right to choice my own destiny with the above sentence, importantly to write whatsoever I want on my imaginative canvas of life. Be it what my mum said about me being a lawyer while I was younger, or my dreams of becoming a jury in the Supreme Court.

What I never thought of growing up in those fantasy ages, is that everything I do will be painted on the canvas, both good and bad. I never knew I had to make the personal steps that will help me build a great and satisfying future.

I have been trying to be an entrepreneur in a country which on newspaper says they desire to create an enabling environment for start-ups to grow, while on the reality newspaper, registration process alone will demand the entire capital of the business. I have been in a relationship that saw the lady be the soul stable financial provider for eight months running. You sure know how that hurts and hunts a real man’s ego.

My canvas looked truly blur

Seeing this, I decided to follow my mentor’s advice and rewrite on my blank canvas, rather than write for the aim of job seeking, I wiped off the jury tales and faced the communication skills I learnt in the University, I have sent out my resume and have attended two communication interview, but was turned down, due to a 5 years working experience in the broadcast medium, I had a chat with my lady and encouraged her to become the new Hajiya Bola Shagaya, take the role of her queen maker and let her be the queen bee.

Guess what?

I feel better now, honestly. My new canvas is filled with Hope, faith, self-development on creative skills through YouTube videos, free online trainings on digital marketing, screening movies and writing personal reviews on them, extra lovable Nadochi and composing inspirational short poems for her on daily basis, as she sees that her man supports her career ambition. I am a new me and my goals of being

The new me rewritten!

I now take a walk around the Citiview estate without my phone, so I will not be distracted with chats or calls that will seize my inspirations. My meditation has become better, I no longer feel insecure, as I saw the movie, ‘What a woman wants’, without Nadochi being next to me.

Lesson learnt.

No matter where you in your life, it is not too late to start all-over again and this time do it your own way, because you have learnt from your experiences.

Kindly pick up your old canvas and click on format button. Feel free to be more careful this time, as you start over again, like me.

About The Author

Basil Maduabuchi Ikpe author of If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It. is a former student journalist back then on campus with The Nation Newspaper who has interviewed politicians, lecturers, community residents, cultist and more on the issues surrounding campus.

He’s also written articles that were published on Headway point, before the crashing of the site, which was a result of no backup storage.
His project have been published in 2010 and was used by a PHD holder in UNN as a study guard on his Thesis during the programme year.

His work has been praised by Mr. Bolade Omonijo, the Editorial board member of the Nation Newspaper, Dr. Chris Williams of Family Health on Dove TV, Mr. Goodness Ijeoma, the AGM of Silverbird Film Distribution, Mr.Nuhu Sani-formal Business Development Manager of Transcorp Hotels Calabar, Mr. Jude Nwasum-a lecturer of Mass Communication from the federal university Ebonyi state.

The Campus times yearly award, where he has been a 1st runner-up for three times at his days in school. His first field report got the second page of the paper with the current Political Editor of the Nation Newspaper.

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If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It

If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It

If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It

If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It

If My Life Was A Blank Canvas, What Would I Write On It

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