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Take your skills to your mentor to be tendered

“See Basil, I do not have time for all these mentors that cannot help someone”. A friend once said. This was after she had brought up a matter about her career. I had referred her to speak to an expert in her field because she was good at making hair and make-up, but was complaining of being broke so often. As her job does not meet up to her standard of leaving.

That single conversation, birthed this piece, as I meditated on the conversation:

 Benefits of her skill acquisition to her, which was not effectively utilizing:

  1. Economic Survival: She had a talent that other women used in paying bills, without having to work a 9:am to 5:pm job. She has been trained and is well ready for any economical situation, but unknown to her.
  2. Test of Personality Behavior: It is until the pressure starts coming, that we know who really has a good character. Skills in areas like human communication, enables us to know how to give feedbacks to others.  It is said, “Manner Makes a Man”.
  3. Bonding: We get to build friendship, as we learn with each other in a practical and friendly manner. This is a skill lacked in several artisans who have handworks, but have remained poor.
  4. Being Independence: A friend once said to me during our final year examination in school. “Madu, what you know, you know, what you don’t know, you don’t know”. This was as a result f him picking a question he had no idea of, because he had not read the handout. So, despite me trying to give him points, the points were like giving a Nigerian grand mother of 98 years, cryptocurrency to start trading, all because she wanted to trade.
  5. Self-employment: The likes of Durotoye’s wife, have added value not just to themselves, but reduce the unemployment rates in the country by getting skills on just make-ups, like this friend of mine.

“You can save money to cater for your urgent needs and others around you, if you’ve got skills”.

Benefits of a mentorship to her:

  1. Fast Learning Tradition: So, had she spoken to a mentor with similar skills, she would have been put through on how to keep her 9:am to 5:pm job, while using her skills as side gigs and earn extra money from her skills. The mentor would have been a perfect guard to developing her skill into a career.
  2. Making one into an Expert: Its like the portal and clay story. The mentor is the portal while the clay is her, the mentee. With a willing learning heart and patience. As knowledge with practical years of experience down the line. She’ll transit smoothly into her career path.
  3. Summarizes Learning Process: What a mentor would have done for her is, reduce her stress from her going to pay much, either through her errors in life or going to professional courses that cost more. The mentor would just sum it up.
  4. Reduces Anxiety that leads to Depression: They can be turned to for advice, no matter what the issue is, as they are there to lend listening ears. Of which, if the advice is taken, would keep one calm, through their learning and waiting stage, as Mrs. Bunmi Teru would put it.
  5. Networks for the Mentee: It would have been that after he had opened up to the mentor, that they would have referred her to people she would make up and fix their hair, which would have been a starting level to her financial breakthrough

“Leaders are those who are skilled and mentored”. By Basil Ikpe

We could see that both skill acquisitions and mentoring work side by side for anyone who wants to be successful in life. It’s one thing to have the skills and another to have someone who without selfish interest, guards you to the right paths in life.

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