5 Things to do before applying for Google AdSense


Here are the most common reasons why Google AdSense rejected your Application

1. Insufficient content /
Unacceptable site

Your Blog/site doesn’t have
enough text on for Google
specialists to review.

Google gives a lot of value
and attention to the content
of the blog before accepting
it. If the content is poorly
written and has grammatical
mistakes Google might reject
the blog as soon as they observed that. Not only the content needs
to be grammatically correct,
it must be unique and has
to provide value to the
users and readers of the
blog. So the number one
reason is the poorly written
content on your blog/site.

2. Page type/design of your blog/site

What will you do if you found yourself in a page with full bright,
yellow background and
white text on it?
Yes, you’ll never visit that
Page again because you can’t read the contents of that blog/site properly.
Blogs which are poorly
designed and are hard for
the visitors to
understand gets rejected by
Google AdSense. You should
have a good and neat design
which comforts the eye and
is beautiful in the look.

3. No Privacy Policy,
About Us or Contact Us

There are some pages which
you must have before
applying to Google AdSense
if you want to get accepted. These are about us, privacy
policy and contact us pages. These pages shows that you are a
professional and also you
are working according to the
Google policies. Keep in
mind that having a privacy
page is also one of the
requirements for Google

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4. Site Does Not
Comply With Google
AdSense Policies

No rich, unique and
meaningful content, no
organic traffic, pages with
little to no original content
or b@d user experience
through clear navigation and
Your website may be the
one that drives traffic
through illegal sources, sites
with excessive keywords or
poorly coded design are
usually rejected.
So you need a complete
guidance and list of things
that you need to do before
applying for Google

5. Avoid copy and paste

Do not enroll yourself in copying and pasting of a content, always try to write anything the way you understand it. You might see a post in someone’s blog and you wishes to take that post to your blog readers, don’t copy and paste it to your blog, just read and understand what the post is about, you can then re-write it to your blog readers the way they will understand.

I hope It helps?

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