5 Ways To Identify Fake Police Officer During This Election Period

The 2015 elections are here, and desperate politicians are planning on ways to manipulate the outcome of the polls.

One way in which they can do that, is by using fake police officers to harass the unsuspecting citizens. We have had cases in the past were these fake policemen go to the polling stations and start all sorts of confusion.

If by any chance you discover a fake police officer at your polling station or around you, keep calm and inform the authorities closest to you.

Here are five ways in which you can identify a fake police officer in Nigeria;

  1. Check the Name tag

The name tags on the Nigerian Police uniform are always permanently attached to the uniform i.e the name tag cannot be removed. So if you see a police officer with a removable name tag then you are seeing a fake police officer.

  1. Check the Number tag

The numbers on a Nigerian police officer uniform shouldn’t be less or more than six digits. Any policeman with a number tag which shows otherwise is a fake.

  1. Only Female Police numbers begin with “0”

Still on the number tags, only a female police officer’s number starts with Zero “0”, if you see a man with a number tag that starts with “0”, he is a fake policeman.

  1. Know a supernumerary police officer

Supernumerary police officers are usually attached to banks, financial institutions and organisations that require their security services, please do note that they have no roles during the elections. However you can identify them, by looking on their uniform shoulder for a clear inscription of “SPY” . Another way to identify one is by looking on their number tag, a Supernumerary police officer (SPY), number must be either three or four digits long.

  1. Know your rights!

Only a fake policeman will try to arrest without committing any offence. Only when you know your right is when you can know if you committed and offence or not, so it is very important to know your right. However, if a police officer harasses you, try to memorise his/her name by checking their tags and if possible memorise their numbers too, this will help you make a more effective report to the authorities.

Let’s try to obey the law this season and stay safe. Remember, whoever wins is the choice of Nigerians, if you have a problem with it go to court.


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