Actress Sobola Sotayo talks about the Man that gave her a new G-Wagon

You would always fall in love
with her pretty face. A good dresser too, you cannot but notice Tayo Sobola aka
Sotayo in a crowd. A Nollywood actress in the Yoruba genre, she is still making
headlines on the all-white party she hosted on December 30, 2016. Tagged ‘A
December To Remember,’ Sotayo sure had a memorable birthday party when she was
presented with a G-wagon! Who gave her? In this exclusive interview with
Kemiashefonlovehaven, she unveils her benefactor.
Again, happy birthday to you and congrats on your new
Sotayo: Thank you.
What prompted the 5-in-one all-white party?
Sotayo: Really,
the 5-in-1 event was packaged to
celebrate my production outfit, Sotee Entertainment’s 1st anniversary;
my birthday which was on December 28; the exhibition of movies and projects my
production company had undertaken in the last one year; the unveiling of my
film academy and as well as the end-of-the-year party for staff members,
families and friends.
you got a Benz
 G-wagon as a
surprise gift?
Sotayo: I was surprised during my party when I was asked to come and take a look
at the vehicle.
Who was the kind
man who did this?
Sotayo: Man?
It was a surprise gift and I cannot say if the giver was a man or
woman. That day, just like other guests, I was extremely surprised and
asking who brought it. Till date, I have not heard from or seen the
giver. I’m highly favoured of God and I see God as my benefactor.
You have achieved much in a few years of coming to entertainment,
what would you say has thrown you in the limelight?
Sotayo: I give God the
almighty all the glory for bringing me this far. It’s funny and unfortunate
that many people see me as a newcomer in the industry. I’ve been there, done
that in the last 10 years in the Nigerian entertainment industry. I’ve modeled,
sang, I write for magazines and websites, I have done artistes liaison, I’ve presented
on TV and just settling for acting. I believe my success rose on my goodwill
and my relationship with many industry top guns whom I relate with, with
uttermost humility.
Sotayo: The idea behind the film academy was borne
out of my desires to impact in the younger ones, many of who usually approached
me to help them. I consulted some of the industry’s professionals like Antar
Laniyan who promised to give me all the supports I need to make it a success.
So I decided that it will be good to start an academy which will teach various
aspects of filmmaking and not just acting.
You are not getting younger, when will wedding bells
ring? Who is the lucky guy? 
Sotayo: Marriage is a long
term commitment which needs serious preparations. One can’t rush or jump into
it because of the society. If you do, you might rush out the way you rush in.
This much is evident in lots of marriages that are crashing lately. The
economic situations and pressure is not helping matters so one needs to be sure
one is fully ready. Regarding the lucky guy, I’m keeping that under wrap for
now because it’s not wise flaunting this right now. The wedding bells will ring
at the right time.
So many actresses
will go nude to become popular, can you join the bandwagon? 
Sotayo: No, I can’t. I’m not cut out for such.
Where do we expect
Sotayo to be in five years? 
Sotayo: Right at the very
top. My dream is to have fully established my company and churn out many fresh
talents through my Film Academy. What can give one the uttermost joy is to
impact and invest in people and see them doing well for themselves.

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