AL-Hikmah University: Violent Confrontation BetweenStudents and the Police – find out why

It was all hurly-burly yesterday in the Al-hikmah
University when certain men who claimed to be men of
the Nigerian Police Force came into the school to arrest
a female student of the institution.
The mission of the men was opposed by some of the
students who insisted that the men who were on mufti
must properly identify themselves and notify the
school authorities before taking the female student
This led to a violent confrontation between the men
and the students and consequent intervention of the
Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sulyman Abdulkaree who while
trying to bring the situation under control sustained
According to the VC, “What happened this morning is
a case of misjudgment by authority that is supposed
to be enforcing law. They came to the campus and
tried to arrest a female student. We had to intervene
because students insisted that students cannot be
arrested from campus without letting the authorities
On his part the Kwara State Police Public Relation
Officer said that the plain cloth security men met with
the Kwara State commissioner of police, Mr. Ambrose
Aisabo on Monday that they want to carry out some
investigation and they were directed on what to do,
unfortunately they did not follow the directives giving
to them.
However, the intervention of appropriate authorities
has returned normalcy to the institution.

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