Association of African Universities (AAU): Small Grantfor Students' Internship

The Association of African Universities (AAU) has
intensified its advocacy for students from African
universities to acquire employable skills for the world
of work upon graduation from their universities.
Through financial assistance from the Swedish
International Development Agency (SIDA), the AAU has
secured some funds to offer small grants of up to US
$2,000 per person for graduate internships for its
member universities.
Grant applicants should be students pursuing post-
graduate degree programmes in their penultimate
year of study in the following fields: Physical Sciences,
Engineering, Energy, Water and Sanitation, Economics.
Applicants shall commit to undertake an internship
programme for a period between twelve (12) and
twenty-four (24 weeks).
Applications should be supported with an
authorisation note from the Head of Department of the
applicant’s university.
Applications should also have an official notification
letter from the establishment hosting the intern
showing their consent to admit the applicant for the
intended duration.
Please Click here for more information. Interested
applicants should submit their letters of intent in soft
copy not later than Monday, 30th June, 2014.
Prof. A. T. Oladiji

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