best LinkedIn Groups to Join for Maximum Traffic Generation

With my years of blogging, I realized that making connection is way better than searching for organic traffic. And why did I say that? Because by building connections, you’ll get natural traffic from social networks which will make search engines even love you the more.
Are you that type of blogger that only focus on getting more organic traffic? You might wake up one day and discover that all the organic traffic you spent so much time building, is no more. That would indeed be sad…
Imagine you spending your quality time building connections, making friends, don’t you think those friends will be by you sharing your contents (as long as you have fresh content) and your organic traffic will automatically increase as well.
You might disagree with me but that’s how I feel… MAKING CONNECTIONS ROCK :) .
Remember that search engines – especially Google love blogs with high social shares and interactions…
And how do you make good friends that are willing to share ideas and help each other? Through blog commenting or social networks, right? If you can give value, bloggers from that community will love to read your articles and at the same time share it to their networks as long as the content is interesting.

What not to do in a community

If you are in a community just for dropping links, the community members will consider you a spammer. Some will cut you from the group while some group will flag you… So in other to be valuable and important, you should not;
√ Expect much when you’re not giving
√ Your primary focus shouldn’t be about dropping links and go.
√ Never spam the community. I mean never!
√ Don’t spam members of the communities

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What to do to get the most traffic from a community

√ Try associating with other group members
√ Contribute positively in discussions
√ If you can solve it, then do it and if you can’t, simply refer the member to somebody who can …
√ Remember that it is about giving out value
√ Add professionalism to you and your profile
√ Make friend, make friends, make plenty of friends
√ Be positive and have that wiliness to help other group members
Doing all the above will give you credibility and traffic anytime you drop your link :) . Now you are making friends and getting traffic without stress, aint that awesome?
Looks like I have said so much right? Now let’s move on to the main topic, shall we?

Top 10 LinkedIn Groups to Join for Maximum Traffic Generation

Linkedin is one great social network every blogger should take part in. it has hidden traffic generation that most don’t take seriously. So incase you’ve given up on Linkedin, this post will sure rise your interest back
Below are my top Linkedin communities that will surely drive traffic to your blog if use well…
Writers and Bloggers
Professional Bloggers
Blog Zone
New Media Social
Blogging your Passion
Bloggers Helping Bloggers
The Social Blogger
Marketing Bloggers
Blogging Success Network
Bloggers World
Here are the top 10 linkedin communities I’ll recommend you join and I assure you that you won’t regret it
Remember: Do not spam any of the communities with your links, just play it naturally and drop your links once or twice a week.

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