The Criteria for Admission into Higher Institutions is Faulty – University Don

A former Dean of Law at the University of
Uyo, Mr. Udombana recently in an
interview said that the poor standard of
education in Nigeria higher institutions is
not a function of the university alone but
that of the faulty admission policy that has
been used for a long time now.
According to him, the admission policy has
not been merit-based as it has allowed
students who fall below mark to be
“For instance, the admission policy during
the past two decades has not been merit-
based. Under the current policy as
coordinated by the Joint Admission and
Matriculation Board, JAMB, admission on
merit is only 45 percent of the totality of
admission into any faculty”.
“This means that if a department is to
admit, for instance a hundred students,
only 45 will be admitted on the basis of
hierarchical score from the UME and Post
UME examinations,” he remarked.
He also pointed to students being
admitted on the basis of educationally
disadvantage states, federal character
principle and catchment areas for
admission as another reason for the poor
educational standard as the introduction
of such criteria has brought in mediocrity
considering the fact that students
admitted on such basis lacks what it takes
to cope with the demands of learning.
He however, called for the convocation of
a national summit on education that will
bring stakeholders together to deliberate
on the issues posing challenges to the
education sector and proffer solutions.

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