Why My Father Married Many Wives – Patience Ozokwor (Mama G)

Veteran Nollywood actress in a recent interview revealed why
her father married several wives and why he gave her the
name ‘Patience’.
The talented actress revealed this during the launching of a
celebrity studio, Studio24 in Lagos.
On why the studio was named Studio24, Mama G said:
“I wouldn’t know why the company chose to call it Studio24,
but they have the right to choose a name for their business. I
don’t see anything wrong with that name.”
The actress compared Studio24 to her parents decision to
name her Patience.
“There is a reason behind your name, I mean the one given to
you by you parents. Just in my own case, there is a reason
my father named me Patience, this is because he couldn’t
have a male child after married several wives.
My mother was his third wife and each one of them delivered
baby g!rls, anytime anyone of them has a male child he dies.
The person before me was named Hope while mine is
Patience, now you know the reason he named me that name. I
believe there is a reason for everything, they must have
deliberated on the name before chosen it”.- she concluded
Mama the mama, love this wom@n!

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