Five Signs She Has A Crush On You

Subtle but not furtive enough to remain
undetected by our ultimate decoder.
1. SMILE: You wonder why she starts smiling
when you appear at the scene? No one is
cracking any Joke but she keep smiling at
you like she drank lucosade. No be lucosade
my brother u dey do her strong thing.
2. EYES CONTACT: Even when your eyes meet
she doesn’t change the direction of her
focus rather she change the intensity of her
gaze.How do you explain this?
3. MAKING FRIENDS: OK you met her on
campus…she gave the sign but you are too
busy to look next thing you see is she is
making friends with your friends or
anybody close to you.
4. A MOMENT: She had No intention of going
to the Library or the hall but once she sees
you going she is set to go all to have a
moment of recognition…a moment of
intense awareness of feelings.
5. STALKING: She is not MTN yet she is
everywhere you go……She knows when you
return from break..Perhaps you think it’s a
coincidence she joins your fellowship within

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