Glo Free Browsing Using XP PSIPHON VPN Blazing 2018

Glo has never unlock their server for months and when they do, you know exactly how it always go down with them. Here again, is a unique free browsing method on Glo network, helped by a VPN called XP PSIPHON VPN.

• Firstly, go to your Phone’s Settings, tap on “Mobile Network”, tap on “Access Points and Names”, tap on “Glo” and finally, set it up as follows:
• Name: Realitytech
• APN: Gloflat or use this 176.90.6868.67:4430@_Ultra
• And leave other boxes in default.
• Then, download XP Psiphon Generator app via here.
• On the sidebar, tap on XP Generator and input the following settings:
Proxy: 80
• And under Proxy Type, tick the Real Host. As shown below:
• And connect with “United States” as server.

• Minimize and start browsing.

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