[HOT TECH]:- How To Browse With Your Glo Sim For 0.00kb On Ucbrowser Handler – For Blackberry Users Only

using a different device would enjoy the glo 0.0K cheat which is blazing.
BlackBerry users can now enjoy the cheat without a VPN and I guess most of them would be happy to flex this cheat.
Note: This cheat does not power all application.Requirements
•Glo sim with 0.0K
•Uc mini handler for BlackBerry Download uc mini handler for BlackBerry
SMS PAYG to 127 to enable you enjoy the cheat on your BlackBerry
After installing just click on the UC Browser icon and enjoy your favorite browser on your BlackBerry.
[ You may need to save the settings upon your first Run as shown in the figure below]
•Launch the browser and configure it as below
•Proxy type: REAL HOST
•Proxy server: redirect.glo.com
•Real proxy type: default (you can also use HTTP)
•Real proxy port:80Leave other settings as it
was,Now, here you can simply hit save and click
continue or change the Handler Settings and
continue to using your UCBrowser To download any large file, kindly visit www.muchproxy.com
copy the url of the file you wish to download then paste on the space given on the site.your file would begin to download
Starr blazing……………
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