Jonathan Congratulates Buhari On The Phone

As Nigeria expects the presidential election results from Borno state, it is reported that Goodluck Jonathan has congratulated Muhammadu Buhari.

According to Vanguard, the president called his major challenger, the opposition candidate, to congratulate him.

A source disclosed that Jonathan, the Peoples Democratic Party, first spoke with Buhari on the phone and then with the APC national leader Bola Tinubu.

See the photos from GMB’s F@cebook page going under the caption: “Muhammadu Buhari receiving a call from President Goodluck Jonathan congratulating him on his victory in the elections.”

Jonathan Congratulates Buhari On The Phone

Jonathan Congratulates Buhari On The Phone

Jonathan Congratulates Buhari On The Phone

Leadership adds that Jonathan assured Buhari of maximum cooperation and smooth transition.

Meanwhile the Independent National Electoral Commission has announced a break till 8pm. By that time the results from Borno state are expected to arrive.

As for the current situation (without Borno), the preliminary numbers estimated by team are as follows:

Muhammadu Buhari – 14,951,378 (51.70%), Goodluck Jonathan – 12,827,522 (44.36%).

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