JUST IN!!! Again Buhari Shocks Ministers With Poor Salaries,You Wont Believe How Much They Were Paid (SEE HOW MUCH) == =>

Barely three weeks in office, President Muhammadu
Buhari has shocked Ministers with poor salaries and
austere allowances.He has also imposed dos and
don’ts on the ministers including travel restrictions.
Most Ministers were said to be embarrassed by
the perks of office accruable to them in office.
The only leverage the Ministers will enjoy is the
privilege of flying in a Business Class on trips.
These conditions of service for Ministers were
contained in a letter given to them during the week
by the Secretary to the Government of the
Federation, Engr. Babachir David Lawal.
The letter said: “I am pleased to inform you that the
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, has appointed you as a
Minister in the Government of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria
“The appointment takes effect from 11th November,
2015 under the following Terms and Conditions of
Service as contained in “Certain Political, Public and
Judicial Office Holders(Salaries and Allowances, etc)
(Amendment ) Act 2008.”
“I am to add that your tenure terminates at the end of
this Administration unless otherwise decided by Mr.
President. Please accept my heartiest congratulations
and best wishes on your appointment.”
The SGF’s letter gave the details of the perks which
the ministers will enjoy in office as long as they last
in the Federal Executive Council (FEC).
While the substantive minister will earn N2, 026, 400
Annual Basic Salary($8,514.285), Minister of State is
to get N1.8million($7,563.025) per annum.
Other highlights of the conditions include: Estacode
Allowance($900 per diem); Duty Tour Allowance
(N35,000); Utilities Allowance(Telephone/ Electricity/
Water)–30% of Annual Basic Salary (N607,920);
Domestic Staff Allowance(75% -((N1,519,800) of
Annual Basic Salary; Medical Facilities (in accordance
with NHIS Policy); Special Assistant (To be provided
in kind); Security (To be provided in kind); Air Travel
(By Business Class); Newspaper Allowance (15% of
Annual Basic Salary-N303,960).
The letter said: “As a Political Office Holder, you must
obtain permission from Mr. President before you
travel out of Abuja. If the trip is official, Ministers are
entitled to a Duty Tour Allowance of N35,000 per
diem. However, all private journeys will attract no
“Severance Allowance of 300 %of Annual Basic Salary
payable after full tenure of office with government.
The allowance will be pro-rated after a minimum of
two years tenure.
It added: “200 % of Annual Basic Salary (N4,052,800)
will be paid to you to enable you to acquire
accommodation of your choice in line with
monetization policy.
“Furniture Allowance. 300 %(N6,079,200) of Annual
Basic Salary will be paid once in every four years.
allowance will be paid annually at the rate of 75%
(N1,519,800) of Annual Basic salary.
“Motor Vehicle Fuelling Maintenance Allowance. 75%
of Annual Basic Salary (N1,519,800) for the
maintenance of your vehicle(s) as Government no
longer provides chauffeur driven vehicles to Political
Office Holders/Public Officers for house to office
“Annual Leave (30 calendar days for each leave year
or calculated on pro-rata basis, with 10% of Annual
Basic Salary(N202,640) as leave grant); Personal
Assistant Allowance (25% of Annual Basic salary to
enable you to employ a Personal Assistant of your
Investigation however revealed that some of the
ministers were uncomfortable with the salary and
allowance package because it might not be able to
pick their bills.
The package has caused rumbles in the cabinet
because while Nigerian ministers earn $8, 514.28 Per
Annum (N2,026,400), their counterparts in Ghana are
on $50,000 (N11,900,000) and those in South Africa
(the highest paying in the continent) were said to be
taking home about $302,521 per annum.
A reliable source said: “Most ministers have been sad
since they received their letters of appointment
because the salary and allowance package was a far
cry from where they were coming from. We hope
that ministers will eventually not steal if they have to
serve this nation on hungry stomach.
“We have ministers in this government who left high-
net worth job of $10,000 to $20,000 per month, how
will they settle their bills? Some ministers have
headed corporate. You can imagine a minister
managing about $3billion portfolio now getting
$8,521 per Annum.
“Some ministers have children in Ivy League
universities where they are paying as much as
$40,000 to $60,000 per annum. How will they be able
to cope to meet up with their responsibilities?”
As at press time, it was unclear if the ministers had
made representation to the president or not.
“Curiously, we have some Executive Secretaries,
Directors-General and Group Managing Directors of
parastatals like NNPC, PPMC, NCC, NDIC, PEF, PPPRA,
DPR, NERC, NIGCOMSAT, and others who will be
earning more than their ministers. I think the system
is distorted somehow.”
Another source added: “To earn commensurate
salaries and allowances, the president can explore
foreign donors’ basket for payment of ministers. Or
else, it will be difficult to get the best from this team.
“Alternatively, there might be scientific corruption in
Buhari’s cabinet. This is the type of corruption we call
‘chop and clean mouth.’

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