NABTEB May/June Exam Timetable For 2018 Released

NABTEB May/June Exam Timetable For 2018 Released

The National Business and Technical Examinations Board (NABTEB) has released the timetable for the conduct of the 2018 May/June National Business Certificate (NBC) and National Technical Certificate (NTC) examinations.

According to the timetable, the exam will commence on Monday, 07/05/2018, and ends on Friday, 25/05/2018.

NABTEB May/June Exam Timetable For 2018 Released

The details of the time table are as indicated below;

NABTEB May/June Exam Timetable

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning WorksPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189:00a.m-12noon
Ladies Garment Making (Garment Constuction and Finishing)Paper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189:00a.m-3:00p.m
Electrical Installation and Maintenance WorksPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189:00a.m-12noon
Draughtsmanship Craft Practice (Draughtsmanship)Paper II (Alt. to practical)Monday 07/05/20189:00a.m-12noon
Carpentry and JoineryPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189:00a.m-3:00p.m
Leather Trades (Footwear Manufacture)Paper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189:00a.m-3:00p.m
Computer Craft StudiesPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189:00a.m-12noon
Fabrication and WeldingPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/2018To be arranged
FisheriesPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-12.00 noon
Photographic PracticePaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Auto Electrical WorksPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Agricultural Equipment and Mechanics Works (Intro. to Agric Science, Implements and Machines)Paper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Instrument Mechanics WorksPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Shorthand (80 W. P. M.)PassagesMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-10.40am
Bricklaying, Blocklaying and ConcretingPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-3.30p.m
Men’s Garment Making (Garment Construction and Finishing)Paper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-3.00p.m
Furniture MakingPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-3.30pm
Motor Vehicle Mechanics WorksPaper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Textile Trades (Spinning)Paper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-3.00pm
Appliance Maintenance and Repairs (Electrical/Medical Appliances and projector Maintenance)Paper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Graphic Arts (Graphic Design)Paper II PracticalMonday 07/05/20189.00a.m-4.00p.m
Marine Engineering CraftPaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Plumbing and Pipe FittingPaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-3:00p.m
Ceramics (Ceramics and Design)Paper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189:00a.m-1:00p.m
Electronics WorksPaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
CosmetologyPaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-3.00p.m
Catering Craft PracticePaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189:00a.m-4:00p.m
Leather Trades(Leather Tanning)Paper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189:00a.m-3:00p.m
Machine Wood Workingpaper II practicalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-1.00p.m
Printing Craft PracticePaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189:00a.m-3:00p.m
Typewriting (35W.P.M)PraticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-11.40a.m
Ship Building Craft practicePaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
Painting and DecoratingPaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-3.00pm.
Textile Trades (Weaving)Paper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-3.00p.m
Foundry Craft PracticePaper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/2018To be arranged
Appliance Maintenance and Repairs (Domesticand Office Machines Maintenance)Paper II PracticalTuesday 08/05/20189.00a.m-12noon
General Metal WorkPaper II PracticalWednesday 09/05/20189.00am-3.00pm
Building/Engineering DrawingPaper II PracticalWednesday 09/05/20183:20pm-6:20p.m
GeographyPaper II (Pract. & Phy. Geo.)Thursday 10/05/20189.00a.m-11.00a.m
Animal HusbandryPaper II PracticalThursday 10/05/201812.00noon-2.30p.m
Textile Trades (Surface Design & Textile Printing)Paper II PracticalThursday 10/05/201812:00noon-6:00p.m
Agricultural Equipment and ImplementPaper II PracticalThursday 10/05/20181.00p.m-4.00p.m.
Mechanical Engineering Craft PracticePaper II PracticalThursday 10/05/2018To be arranged
ChemistryPaper II PracticalFriday 11/05/20189:00a.m-11:00a.m
Information & Commmunications Technology(ICT)Paper II PracticalFriday 11/05/20183.00pm-6.00pm
PhysicsPaper II PracticalSaturday 12/05/20189.00a.m-11.45a.m
Agricultural SciencePaper II PracticalSaturday 12/05/201812.15pm-2.15pm
Basic ElectricityPaper II PracticalSaturday 12/05/20182.30pm-5.30p.m
BiologyPaper II PracticalMonday 14/05/20189.00a.m-11.00a.m
Vehicle Body BuildingPaper II PracticalMonday 14/05/201812:00noon-4.00pm
Textile Trades (Bleaching, Dyeing and Finishing)Paper II PracticalMonday 14/05/201812:00noon-6.00pm
Leather Trades (Leather Goods Manufacture)Paper II PracticalMonday 14/05/201812:00noon-6.00pm
Light Vehicle Body Repair WorksPaper II PracticalMonday 14/05/201812:00noon-4.00pm
General Wood WorkPaper II PracticalMonday 14/05/201812:00noon-4.00pm
Agricultural SciencePaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/20189.00am-11.30am
Leather Trades ( Leather Tanning)Paper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-2.40p.m
Textile Trades (Weaving)Paper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Marine Engineering CraftPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Appliance Maintenance and Repairs (Domestic and Office Machines Maintenance)Paper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Catering Craft PracticePaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
CosmetologyPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Foundry Craft PracticePaper I Objectice & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Machine Wood WorkingPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Ship Building Craft practicePaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Painting & DecoratingPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Light Vehicle Body Repair WorksPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Electronics WorksPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Plumbing & Pipe FittingPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-3.10p.m
Ceramic (Ceramic and Design)Paper I Objective & EssayTuesday 15/05/201812.30pm-2.50p.m
PhysicsPaper I Objective & EssayWednesday 16/05/20189.00a.m-11.45a.m
Financial AccountingObjective & EssayWednesday 16/05/20181.00p.m-4:30p.m
Printing Craft PracticePaper I Objective & EssayWednesday 16/05/20181:00p.m-3:40p.m
Textile Trades (Spinning)Paper I Objective & EssayWednesday 16/05/20181:00p.m-3:40p.m
ChemistryPaper I Objective & EssayThursday 17/05/20189:00a.m-11:30a.m

Introduction to Building Construction

Objective & Essay( To be taken by Trade codes 21O,22O, 25O, 26O,and 27O candidates) 

Thursday 17/05/2018



CommerceObjective & EssayThursday 17/05/201812:00noon-3:20p.m
Agric. Equipment & Implements Mechanics Works (Tractor System)Paper I Objective & EssayThursday 17/05/201812:00noon-3:10p.m
Textile Trades (Surface Design & Textile Printing)Paper I Objective & EssayThursday 17/05/201812:00noon-2:40p.m
GeographyPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 18/05/20189:00a.m-12:00noon
Literature in EnglishPaper I Objective & ProseFriday 18/05/20183:00p.m-5:00p.m
Office PracticeObjective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-12:20p.m
SalesmanshipObjective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-12:20p.m
TourismObjective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-11:40a.m
Vehicle Body BuildingPaper I Objective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-11:40a.m
Mechanical Engineering Craft PracticePaper I Objective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-11:40a.m
Leather Trades (Leather Goods Manufacture)Paper I Objective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-11:10a.m
Textile Trades (Bleaching, Dyeing & Finishing)Paper I Objective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-11:40a.m
Animal HusbandryPaper I Objective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20189:00a.m-11:40a.m
General Wood WorkPaper I Objective & EssaySaturday 19/05/201812:00noon-2:40p.m
Christian Religious StudiesObjective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20183:00p.m-5:30p.m
Islamic Religious StudiesObjective & EssaySaturday 19/05/20183:00p.m-5:30p.m
MathematicsPaper I Objective Paper II EssayMonday 21/05/20189:00a.m-10:30a.m12noon-2:30p.m
Information & Communications Technology(ICT)Paper I Objective & EssayMonday 21/05/20183:00p.m-5:40p.m
English LanguagePaper I Objective/Test of Orals Paper II Essay Writing Comprehension & SummaryTuesday 22/05/20189.00a.m-10.40a.m12noon-2.30p.m
General Metal WorkPaper I Objective & EssayTuesday 22/05/20183.00p.m-5.40pm
EconomicsObjective & EssayWednesday 23/05/20189.00a.m-12.20pm
Basic ElectricityPaper I Objective & EssayWednesday 23/05/20181:00p.m-3:40p.m
Civic EducationObjective & EssayThursday 24/05/20189.00a.m-11.50am
Literature-in-EnglishPaper II Drama & PoetryThursday 24/05/20181.00p.m-3.00p.m
Building /Engeneering DrawingPaper I ObjectiveThursday 24/05/20184.00p.m-4.40p.m
BiologyPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20189.00a.m-11.20a.m
Leather Trades (Footwear Manufacture)Paper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.10p.m
Graphic Arts (Graphic Design)Paper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.10p.m
Photograghic practicePaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.10p.m
Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning WorksPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Furniture MakingPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Ladies Garment Making (Garment Construction and Finishing)Paper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Electrical Installation and Maintenance WorksPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Automobile Electrical WorksPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Computer Craft StudiesPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Draughtsmanship Craft Practice(Draughtsmanship)Paper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Carpentry and JoineryPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Instrument Mechanics WorksPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
FisheriesPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Men’s Garment Making (Garment Construction and Finishing)Paper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Blocklaying, Bricklaying and ConcretingPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
(Electrical/Medical Appliances and Projectors Maintenance)Paper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Motor Vehicle Mechanics WorksPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-5.40p.m
Fabrication and WeldingPaper I Objective & EssayFriday 25/05/20183.00pm-6.10p.m
Agricultural Equipment and Implement Mechanics Works (Introduction to AgricScience, Implement and Machines)Paper I Objective & Essay 

Friday 25/05/2018




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