Q3 "Students in Nigeria Secondary Schoolsshould be Allowed to use Mobile Phones during School Hours"

Good morning Mr. chairman sir,
Ladies and Gentlemen of the
floor, my name is ….
names” on behalf of the
proposition I welcome you to
this debate And i’m here to oppose the motion
which says :
“Students in Nigeria Secondary
Schools should be Allowed to use
Mobile Phones during School
A mobile phone allows its user to
make and receive telephone
calls to and from the public
telephone network which
includes other mobiles and
fixed-line phones across the world.
It does this by connecting
to a cellular network
owned by a mobile network
operator. In addition to being a telephone,
modern mobile phones also
support many additional
services, and accessories, such as
SMS (or text) messages, e-mail,
Internet access, gaming, Blue- tooth and infrared
short range
wireless communication,
camera, MMS messaging, MP3
player, radio and GPS. Low-end
mobile phones are often
referred to as feature phones, whereas high-end
phones that offer more
advanced computing ability are
referred to as smart phones. Firstly,
Over the past decade the world
has seen rapid growth in cell
phone users.
Everyone from
older adults to kids in high
school seem to carry one glued to their ears,
understanding the possible
health risks associated with the
use of cellular telephones.
To begin with, a recent scientific
journal published in 2007 titled
Long term use of cellular phones
and brain tumors, concluded
after assessing results from
many different studies that use of cell phones for
more then 10
years does show increased risk
for acoustic neuroma and
glioma. Adding that the risk is
highest for ipsilateral exposure,
meaning tumor on the same side of the brain where
phone mostly
Research scientists behind this
journal assert that most studies
to date on cell phone use and
brain tumors have been mostly conducted with an
long latency period. This journal
report gives excellent reviews
of other studies and evidence of
data entry errors, systematic
bias and mathematical errors within those studies.
Some students have the habit of
keeping their mobile phones on
during classes and studies, even
in the library. The do so for their
classmates to know their latest ringing tones,
distracting other students, even
the teacher in the class. Some
even put it in vibration and are
distracted by the vibration from
calls during classes and school hours, diverting
concentration on who is calling
at the moment.
This “mobile phone” with
different memory capacity is
used to download and store several music of
different lyrics
and tones. The songs are being
listened every now and then
with the use of earpiece in the
school and at home forgetting
their academic work which is supposed to be their
Some even play these songs in
the class, distracting the serious
and minded students, while the
constant use of the earpiece
makes it difficult for some of them to understand
conversations with low tones,
and shout while talking with the
aim to be heard.
(answers by Expoloaded.com)
The academic
distraction is getting worse by
the day because those that don’t own a mobile
phone are eager
to get one. Once a student brings
a book to study, and a call
comes, that is the end of the
study after the call, because
their concentration will be on the call answered.
The cost of purchasing a mobile
phone is expensive to students
of secondary schools that have
little or no earning source. Most of them prefer
buying phones
with their school fees to paying
it. When this mobile phone is
bought, the student has to
recharge it and make calls, send
text messages, browse and download some files. All
things are money which can be
used for their academic pursuit
and/or other essential and
important things.
The cost of
repairing and replacing damaged/lost ones are not
out, because, the fact remains
that once a student has started
using phones, it must be repaired
or replaced when damaged or
lost. Check the cost of recharging a mobile phone
daily for one
month, not to talk of a year.
these are unnecessary expenses
for students that are being
trained by someone.
Once a child (student) started
using a mobile phone, the
numbers will be distributed to
different kinds of people who will call and the
student will
receive. Most of these phones
are multi-media in nature such
that they download and W@TCH
all sorts of pornographic p!c and movies,
which curiosity will allow them practice and know
what it is all about.
Once a student started using
mobile phone, it is an alert for
opposite s@x that he/she is ripe
for s@xual relationship.
Naturally, there people who
cannot speak to their mates
F@ce-to-F@ce, using mobile phone
becomes a good medium to
express their feelings. Most of
these students’ calls and messages are all about “I
you, crazy about you, miss you
and the likes of it” once a new
“love” is found, it takes almost
everything in the person, e.g.
the thinking, sleepless nights, even financial
spending. For
some, the phone is the used for
formalize arrangements and
appointments. With their
phones, they know and observe
all the happenings in the town like parties, night
clubs etc.
Most students are unable to
concentrate on their studies
because of the free calls (night
calls) from different networks.
These calls start 12:30am and end 4:30-5:00am,
and some
students make these calls daily,
how can they learn when they
are dizzy or sleeping in the
class? How can they be mentally
balanced health wise when they don’t sleep
normally like
students? Some of them risk
themselves making these calls
outside the room because of the
distractions to others in the same
room. The hours spent in making these calls, if
utilized, can make
the student emerge the best in
academic activities.
Most of the students don’t study
again because of the points
mentioned above; rather
indulge in exam malpractice
during internal and external examinations. Some
make use
of the calculator in the mobile
phone, while others store some
information in it. The worst of it
is that others use it to send
objective answers to those in the examination hall,
may not be correct at the end of
the day. This can end the
student’s career if caught, as
exam malpractice is a
punishable offense.
The constant use of text
messages on the mobile phone,
contributes to the poor usage of
proper English by secondary student, evaluating
the present
performance of secondary
school student on English is poor
since the usage of mobile phone
and these need to be critically
looked into.
In summary, mobile phones
have been of help because
information is power. When a
student is not informed, he/she
will be deformed, and when
deformed, the student cannot perform. I encourage
students of
secondary schools to make calls
at phone boot, use their parents,
family or relative’s
communication device to
communicate rather than owning one because the
part of mobile phones to
students in the school premises
are more than the good part.

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