simple tricks on How to add your websites/blogs on search engines

Search engines cannot Just start Driving traffic
to you if you do not ask them to. This calls for
submitting your sites to Search Engines!!!
Remember, submitting your URL to search
engines won’t suddenly bring an overwhelming
amount of traffic. However, it does mean your
Website is on the search engines’ radar screens and
has a chance of being picked up by keyword
IN Submitting Your website,please Follow the URLs
(1)Google Search:
(2)Bing Search:
(3)The Open Directory:
Apart from Submitting your blog to these most
popular search engines, you can use another
method which lets you submit to more search
engines at once including these popular ones.
This Method is called ‘Pinging’. Pinging is a way
to inform blog search engines, directories and
feed aggregators of updates on your blog.
Pinging your blog is important if you want to
make the most out of the efforts and time you
spend on your blog.
Pinging also Helps to Boost your blog traffic
from Search engines, increase fresh readership
from Search Engines and build your blog
revenue. Below are Some Sites which can help
you Ping your Blog/sites for free/paid.


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