UNIPORT Post-UTME: Formula for Calculating Aggregate Score

This article is aimed at giving you an insight on the
procedure for admission into the University of Port
Harcourt and how to calculate your total score so as to
know if you stand a chance.
The university of Port Harcourt offers admission based
on the average of both your JAMB UTME and the Post
UTME you just sat for. The scores of the Post UTME was
graded using a scale of 0 to 100. while your JAMB
UTME score uses a scale of 0 to 400.
So to calculate your average which is what the
university is considering to offer admission, you have
to multiply your post UTME score by 4 and add it to
your JAMB score and divide all by 2. that is [(Post
UTME x 4) + JAMB Score]/4.
Now having calculated your average score, it is now
time for you to compare your score with the probable
score for the different faculties and see if you actually
stand a chance. Below are the probable Uniport Post
UTME cut off marks for various faculties
College of Health Sciences – between 200 – 250
College of Engineering – between 200 – 230
College of Natural and Applied Sciences – between 180
– 220
Faculty of Agriculture – between 160 – 200
Faculty of Education – between 160 – 200
Faculty of Humanities – between 180 – 220
Faculty of Management Sciences – between 200 – 220
Faculty of Social Sciences – between 180 – 220
NB: these probable cut of marks are not the official cut
off marks of the various departments and faculties. But
just an idea of what their cut off marks look like
judging from past experiences. So there can be an
upward or downward shift of +/_ 20.
And again, the cut off marks are different for different
states according to their level of Educational
development and Catchment areas. That is to say that
a candidate from an Educationally Less Developed
States (ELDS) stands a better chance of getting
admission compared to candidates from non ELDS
Please do not listen to people who tell tales of having
the ability and the connection to offer you admission
as they all are fraudsters waiting for a chance to rob
you of your hard earned money. Admission is strictly
by merit. Goodluck.

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